The Can Town Project
Hello! My name is Ann and I'm from Milwaukee Wisconsin. This weekend Anime Milwaukee will bring lots and lots of people, Homestuck and not, together. And I am interested in putting together a Can Town drive. I was wondering what I should do. Should I make a separate blog? Do I need your permission to advertise it? Whats the usual procedure?

No, you don’t need our permission for anything. This blog is mostly a database that helps promote Can Towns that are being held and keep track of them and what not. For conventions people tend to email the convention quite a bit ahead of time and let them know they’d like to have a Can Town and sometimes they’ll let you have a space because you really need permission for something like this. It kind of counts as a panel. However because you waited I really don’t know if you can still have one. Perhaps someone else having some kind of Homestuck event like a panel or photoshoot would like to have it during their event but this is very last minute and I don’t think anyone wants to deal with this less than a week beforehand. Also, separate blogs tend to be made for specific areas that routinely have Can Towns or conventions that have them annually.

I’m sorry if this was discouraging but we really appreciate your interest!